Women's Boots 101: The Essential Guide

Women's Boots 101: The Essential Guide

A good pair of boots is essential to any women’s wardrobe. They are stylish, functional, and very eye-catching. They make each outfit a little bit extra which greatly boosts confidence. In this article, we list down all you need to know about practical and fashion boots and why you should have a pair. If you are ready, read on.

What are boots, exactly?

Boots are types of footwear known for their, warmth, durability, distinct look and function. They are made from highly durable materials such as leather, rubber, or other composite materials. They normally cover the whole foot as well as the ankle. They are worn both functionally as well as aesthetically.

Boots date back to as far as 1000 BC. They were made of animal hides such as oxides and other organic materials. They were made to add a bit more protection for the feet than sandals. Many cultures around the world have independently come up with the design from the Inuit’s to Asian nomadic tribes.

Types of boots

Modern women’s boots are generally categorized based on length. From ankle-high, midcalf, all the way to knee-high. Though these categorizations aren’t set in stone, it is still a good way to distinguish one design from the next.

Booties and Ankle Boots

These are the shortest of all the boot types. These two are frequently mistaken as the other because of their similarity. Booties go up to the ankles but not covering them completely. Confusingly, ankle boots go about a few inches above the ankles. Both boots are perfect for warmer seasons like the end of spring towards the end of summer.

Mid-calf Boots

As the name implies, these boots end right in the middle of your claves. The most common boot type in this category is utilitarian or work boots like rain boots and cowboy boots. They can be tricky to wear but can be quite fun if you can pull off the look.

Knee-high and Above Knee Boots

Finally, we have the most eye-catching and sexiest of them all: the knee-high and above knee boots. These boots are known for their distinct length. Though some knee-high boots are for practical purposes (in fact some of the earliest boots were knee-high.), they are well known as fashion boots. How to wear lady’s boots

Now that we’ve got that covered, we can start on the fun part of owning boots: wearing them! Boots can be daunting especially if you’ve never had a pair in your life. But that doesn’t mean that they’re impossible to wear. You just need to know exactly what works and you’ll be rocking these bad boys in no time.


Skirts work great with almost any boot. Knee-length skirts work great with ankle boots like the Alexandra from Lyon Cherie. This pairing makes your whole outfit look put together. Likewise, on the opposite end of the spectrum, knee and above knee boots look amazing with miniskirts. This combination makes for a sexy chic look.


Booties and ankle boots also work great with trousers. For a casual look, go for a cropped wide-legged pant, aka Palazzo pants, and stylish high heeled ankle boots. If you want something more sleek and sharp perfect for work, try slim fit pencil trousers paired with a minimalist bootie or ankle boot.


Boots that work with trousers can also look great with jeans and then some. Aside from ankle boots and booties, you can also go all out with a knee-high boot like the Elite from Lyon Cherie. This makes for a great chic cold-weather look. Jeans are also great when paired with cowboy boots. I know this isn’t a look for everyone but if you’re out of ideas, this is a great look to try. Shorts

Much like skirts, shorts of any length can work well with boots. If you want a laidback and casual look, pair jean shorts with ankle boots or booties. This gives a very chill vibe perfect for the hotter months. If you want something edgier, try a cool chino short paired with aboveknee boots like Lyon Cherie’s Vegas. The silhouette makes your outfit 10x more stylish than it actually is. Smart Casual

This can be quite tricky to pull off especially if there is a strict dress code as in offices. If the environment is looser, you can pair a minimalist leather knee-high boot with a simple yet smart dress or skirt. Office trousers can also be paired with a sleek pair of ankle boots.

How to pick the best pair

Now that you know all the possibilities you can do with a good pair of boots, you’re now ready to get your very own! (or get a new pair if you own one already). Here are a few things to look out for when picking up a pair⁠—or two or three

Proper fit

Just like in any clothing piece, the fit is everything. A good fitting boot can make a whole lot of difference in the experience and can make or break the whole affair. Fit not only affects your comfort, but it also affects how you carry your look. If you are uncomfortable in your shoes, it will show which ruins the whole vibe. When getting a pair, make sure that you get properly fitted.

Consider the heel height

Heel height is another distinct feature of a boot that must be considered before buying. The height can also determine if the boot can be used in a given situation or not. For a versatile option go for a 2 - 3 inch heel height. These are classy enough to be worn on almost any occasion while still being comfortable enough to be worn for long periods.


A good pair of boots is a pair that works with most of your wardrobe and can be worn on almost any occasion. This way, you get the most out of your experience and get the most out of your purchase. Minimalist designs are the queens of versatility. The simpler the design makes it easy to pair them with almost any clothing item. Go for neutral colors too like black, tan, and navy blue.

Quality Materials

Finally, a good pair should last for a very long time. This means that the shoe should be durable and hardy. This is directly affected by the quality of the materials used to make the shoe. Always go for higher quality boots as they last longer than cheaper alternatives. This way, you get more out of your pair.

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