What Are Kitten Heels and how to style them?

What Are Kitten Heels and how to style them?

In today’s fast-paced world, it helps to have shoes that are functional, stylish and could keep up with the demands of everyday life. Something that fits well in most settings may be a formal client meeting or a casual late afternoon coffee with friends. Kitten heels fit this role perfectly! But what are they and why are they such a fashion staple? Read on.

What Are Kitten Heels, anyway?

Kitten Heels are shoes with short heels that taper to the bottom. The heels resemble a miniature stiletto heel that goes about 1 to 2 inches in height. The shoes come in many varieties and designs but the common ones include pointed boxed tip, open or closed toes, and more recently thigh-high boots.

The modern kitten heels started as a way to train adolescent girls in wearing high heels. This lead to the shoes being called kitten heels as they were, in a way, baby stilettos. During the 1960s, these women’s shoes started to become fashionable for older teens and later with older women. Notable celebrities who popularized the style include Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Since then, the shoes came in and out of vogue as newer generations rediscover the style. Its recent resurgence in popularity started in the 90s and went on until today. The most notable avid kitten heel user in recent history is none other than former first lady Michelle Obama. She is often seen rocking a pair as her go-to on public appearances.

Why you should add Kitten Heels to your wardrobe?

One of the best ways to greatly improve your wardrobe is to add pieces that fit well with your other pieces, can be mixed and matched with countless tops or bottoms, and should be stylish without losing function.


Kitten heels are one of the most versatile pieces you could ever own. They work great with most outfits and settings. Going out with friends? No problem! Pick a nice and cute dress and pair it with low kitten heels. Meeting clients at a lunch meeting? Go ahead and rock these shoes out with a nice trousers or a blazer combo. The possibilities are endless.


As the heels aren’t too high, low heeled shoes are comfortable to wear even all day long. As they were designed to young girls to wear heels, they were made with comfort and ease of use in mind. This is why it became a staple wardrobe piece for women of any age throughout the years. The bridge between high heels and flats

As a happy middle ground between ultra-sleek high heels and laid back flats, kitten heels are perfect for days when you can’t decide which of the two to wear. Need something comfortable for a day on your feet but not feeling like wearing loafers? Slap on Kitten heels. Need something sleek and stylish for a night event but hate wearing high heels? They work just as well!

They are timeless pieces

Since their inception, kitten heels have been a staple in a women’s wardrobe and would probably continue to do so in the coming years. They have a sleek and classic look that appeals to many women no matter the era

How to wear it dressed up?

The Kitty Heels are great for most settings even for more formal ones like work wear and work events. With careful consideration, kitten heels can do wonders with making your work wear look professional and put together while also being comfortable. Here are some clothing pieces to pair with. Pantsuit/Slacks

This work wear staple works perfectly with kitty heels. Pick staple colours like navy, cream or beige. Start by playing around with contrasts to make your shoes stand out. Avoid too many details and design and instead opt for sleek and minimalist aesthetics


These add to the “professional” look, especially when paired with nice sleek trousers or slacks. One way to style this is by matching your shoes with the blazer and making the pants a contrasting colour. You can also make the shoes the focal point by matching the blazer and pants while making the shoes the contrast.


Skirts are great pieces to spice up your work wear. They can be a break from the usual trouser and blazer staple of the workplace. An elegant and simple pair like the Grevillea from Lyon Cherie in black paired with a high waist platted skirt and an elegant blouse top. This exudes a feminine aura with an air of professionalism.

How to style it casually?

For more laid-back and relaxed settings, kitty heels offer a few key features that make them perfect for casual settings. From meeting friends over brunch, having coffee with clients, or attending a small event. All these and more can be made extra special without skimping on comfort. Here are some outfit ideas to help you:


Jeans are a wardrobe staple these days. You’d be pressed to find anyone without a pair or seven and with good reason. They are great for some work environment as well as casual pieces for relaxed informal settings. Level up the classic shirt and cuffed jeans combo with cute open-toed low heel shoes like the Dodge City from Lyon Cherie.


Though not as ubiquitous as denim jeans, trousers are still one of the most popular bottoms for women worldwide. Their softer feel makes them perfect for times you want to dial back a little. Much like slacks, they can work well with closed-toe shoes. If you want something even more relaxed, open box-toed shoes work amazing too. Casual dresses

Perfect for catching up with friends over a coffee. Going on a date or just casually enjoying the city. A cute maxi dress paired with elegant green ankle strap kitten heels. Switch out into a sleeker form-hugging dress and you got yourself an elegant outfit for early evening events.


Lastly, there could not be more casual than shorts. They are versatile, comfortable, and come in many colours. Smart casual shorts work perfectly with low heel shoes. Ditch the denim shorts and opt for the tailored ones for a classier look. Pair it with an equally sleek top and you got yourself a winner.

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