How to Wear Ankle Strap Heels With Any Outfit

How to Wear Ankle Strap Heels With Any Outfit

Ankle Strap Heels - a timeless style icon

Perhaps one of the most iconic and timeless pieces in anyone’s wardrobe is a good pair of ankle strap heels. Their popularity stems from their versatile stylish look, and they fit almost anyone. But what are they exactly and how do you rock these amazing shoes? 

What are ankle strap heels, exactly?

Ankle strap heels—or ankle wrap heels as they are also known—are a kind of footwear named after the strap that attaches to the ankle. Some of the more strappy variations are also called gladiator shoes as they do resemble sandals worn by Roman gladiators. They are classic pieces that are always in fashion. They come in many varieties and designs to choose from. But, arguably, the stiletto heel and single strap combo is the most striking of all. 

Ankle strapped footwear is a common design and has been around since people began wearing footwear. The ancient Greeks had laced sandals which were also popular during the time of ancient Rome. But it was only in the 1950s that strapped heels took off. They were all the rage and popular celebrities wore them all the time. Over the years, strappy heels never really went out of fashion and have since then become a summer staple. 

Designs for ankle wrap heels vary in shape and form. From heel thickness, strap length, shoe height, and even material used. This makes the shoes a versatile piece. From casual sandals like our Bethany Ave Ankle Strap High Heels Sandals. There are also really chic and eye-catching pairs like our Brentwood Leather Stilettos Ankle Strap High Heels Sandals. 

Above: Becki Stilettos Ankle Strap High Heels Sandals

Why wear ankle wrap heels?

Ankle wrap heels are one of those timeless and classic designs that will never go out of style. Their classy look instantly elevates any outfit to a whole new level. The ankle strap is perfect if you want to give your outfit a big boost. It gives off that “I mean business” vibe to whatever you pair it with, from simple jeans to a stunning evening gown. 


Ankle wraps are also a very versatile footwear design. They work with a variety of looks and can be paired with almost any piece of clothing you can imagine. Going out to meet friends? A cute dress and these Amélie Brown Ankle Strap High Heels Sandals will work magic. Have a few errands to run and you want to be laid back but still want a boost in confidence? The same heels and a pair of jeans is perfect. The possibilities are endless.

A style staple

Its classic look and silhouette make the strappy heels a style staple indeed. Over the years the style has had different variations but the basic design and look remain the same. Even celebrities, from the Golden Age of Hollywood up to today, have rocked these bad boys and won’t be stopping anytime soon. If you want a shoe that can stand the test of time and is still as fashionable in ten to twenty years as it is the day you got it, ankle strap heels are the way to go. 

Above: Brentwood Leather Stilettos Ankle Strap High Heels Sandals. 

Are ankle strap heels comfortable?

With all these positives about the shoe style, there’s bound to be a catch right? Like any heels, some ankle wrap heels can cause discomfort BUT there are ways to make them a lot more manageable. Here are simple things you can do to make your experience a whole lot better.

Picking the right pair

Picking the right pair is crucial if you want to maximize style and comfort. The first thing to do is to find the right fit. Believe it or not, your feet expand throughout the day. It’s mostly unnoticeable but if you are wearing ill-fitting footwear, it can get uncomfortable. When buying shoes, try fitting later in the day. The strap should also fit your ankles just right. Not too tight that it restricts movement and not too loose that the shoe practically dangles on your foot. Allow ample room for your toes. Give it just enough room to make it comfortable without letting it slide out.

Stop your shoes from “biting”

The design and materials used on the shoes can have a huge impact on comfort. Thinner straps, while they look cute, tend to bite more on your skin compared to wider ones. Likewise, materials like hard leather and some plastics are sometimes too stiff and can irritate your skin when it rubs on it too much. Fortunately, there are small cushion strips you can attach to the straps to make it much more forgiving.

Add a bit of traction

Speaking of sliding, ankle strap heels can be prone to this problem. Over time the insole gets smooth and slippery making your foot slide forward. This in turn causes the straps to dig into your ankles. Overall, not a very fun experience. But this is easily solved by a pair of grippy insoles. These nifty gadgets stick to the insoles and give enough traction for your feet to stop it from slipping.

How do you tie ankle wrap heels?

The lace-up variants of the classic ankle wrap heels offer plenty of ways to tie it up. Depending on the length of the lace, you can go as high or as low as you want. You can even get creative at how you tie them up. This spices things up every time you wear them. Here are some fun ideas to try out

The high rise

If you have longer laces, these are perfect for you! This striking look is perfect for dresses or shorts is surely eye-catching. Start by wrapping the lace up your leg until it reaches just below your knee. Do a criss-cross pattern with at least two passes depending on the length of your lace. Make sure that it’s not too tight nor too loose. Tie it just above your calves to stop it from slipping down. 

The classic ankle strap

This is for a more simple and subdued look. This is great if you want to go to a more classic and simple look. All you do is wrap the lace multiple times above your ankles. After adjusting the right rightness, go ahead and finish it up with a bow knot. 

The mid-rise 

This is the happy medium of the two. Not as flashy as the high rise yet still head-turning. This is perfect if you want to elevate an outfit but without making the shoes too much of a distraction. To do this, start by wrapping the laces as you would the high rise only this time you stop at the mid-calf. Then you want to wrap it around a few more times⁠—again depending on how long your laces are⁠—before finally securing it with a bow knot.

What do you wear with ankle strap heels?

As mentioned above, ankle strap heels are one of the most versatile pieces that you can own. They suit almost any foot type, and they can be paired seamlessly with almost any attire you can think of. From super casual and laid back to ultra-chic, you’ll never run out of opportunities to rock these bad boys.

Above: Augustins Stilettos Cross Strap Gladiator High Heels


Ankle strap heels look great when paired with dresses. It gives off that classic feminine silhouette as well as an edgy look. The ankle-length helps minimize that negative space from the tip of the dress to your foot. 


The strap heels and jeans combo is another great pairing. The laidback and rugged look of denim is instantly leveled up with the chic and classy look of the strappy heels. This unlikely blend of chill and classy is a sure head-turner.

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