Can High Heels look great and be comfortable? 

Can High Heels look great and be comfortable? 


Our guide to finding the perfect pair for you!


Why do some high heels hurt?

We love a great pair of heels. They instantly add a wow-factor to any outfit and are a must in all women’s wardrobes. However they sometimes get a bad reputation. It’s true that if you wear the wrong pair, pain and associated problems can occur. However that is the same for all shoes. Any time you wear shoes that are too tight or constrict the natural shape of your foot, it's bound to cause foot, heel or ankle pain.
Here is our guide to a finding the perfect pair of comfortable high heels:

Heel height

Heel heights between 3 cm and 9 cm high are the most comfortable to walk in. Heels over that height, do look amazing! However they can put more tension on your lower back, knees, ankles and do not provide good balance. Choose the heel height you feel most comfortable in. 

Heel Thickness

Thin heels can be harder to walk in than thick or block heels. Ankle strap heels are a very comfortable heels worn with any outfit, in any occasion. Medium heel size and come with a comfortable soft cushioned inner sole and some have adjustable straps for added support.

Social engagement

We all know the higher the heel the sexier it is however it can also be the more uncomfortable. Choose the right sized heels, balance look and comfort depending on what your social engagement will be. What will you be doing in those Hot Heels?

What activity are you doing? Working, dancing, clubbing, bar, restaurant, café, late night stroll, park or meeting the girls shopping. Are you going to be sitting or standing all day, dancing or walking? How long are you going to be doing that event? Feet will swell the longer you wear them for. Wrong size can lead to pain and may be too uncomfortable to wear. 

Sling back heels are very supportive and comfortable. They provide great heel, toe and ankle support.

Poor quality and material choice 

Choose a pair of heels with thick and comfortable inner sole and cushioning. The best materials to go for are leather or suede (or a combination of both), these materials will make you feel more comfortable when wearing those sexy shoes! Suede is a popular and breathable material used in many great designer high heel shoes

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Do high heels cause back pain?

This is a common question about wearing heels. But do they really cause back pain? Definitely not! Bad fit and bad posture cause pain. Here's how to fix that:
Having the right knowledge with choosing a pair could avoid this common problem for many women.
Choose the right size heel height for your needs. 2 or 3 inch heel sized shoes like block or kitten heels are comfortable. High heels are indeed pretty but can squash toes and stress the balls of your feet if they don’t fit properly. Balance your own comfort, style and confident levels when you are wearing them. If you feel pain, don’t feel comfortable, not having fun and can’t walk, then you have the wrong pair for your feet

We must also be aware that different shoe companies all over the world have completely different sizes. With that in mind, make sure to see if it is your size, and if it is the right fit. Measure your feet both length and width (do you have narrow or wide feet) before you buy those shoes and check the specific retail shoe size chart

High-heels should fit snugly and hold the foot firmly in place. If the shoe design toe box is too pointy it can squeeze your toes. Curved shoe boxes can be the other extreme. Heels which are loose can lead to your foot sliding up and down and you not being able to keep your balance. Not to mention injuries that one might get such as blisters, bleeding, calluses, corns and toe nails issues.
So remember, if the shoe is not the right size or fit just does not fit right, leave them, no matter how pretty they are. 
If you're someone who must wear heels at all times, follow our simple guidelines. If you do, you'll not only avoid many high heel problems, but you'll make the time you spend in spikes a happier day for your feet.


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How to choose the most comfortable high heels?

Here are some steps you can take to make your new shoes easier to wear.

Pay attention to the shape of your foot

Open-toe shoes can look gorgeous, but if you have square feet, you will regret buying every time you wear them. Find a pair that will work with your foot shape. Square feet tend to do better with round-toe shoes, while long and thin feet work better with shorter heels, as they tend to slip on higher heels.
Choose round toe designed shoes if you are prone to bunions. For high arches choose the best cushioning, additional silicone gel support or podiatrist designed inner soles. Have flat feet? Choose lower sized heels and supportive inner soles

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Shoe size matters

Correct shoe size matters when it comes to heels. To feel comfortable you need to wear the right size for your feet. Lyon Cherie offers a precise size chart to match your shoe size!

Walk right

Walking in high heels requires you to walk properly. You need to remember to take a step from heel to toe. If you don’t walk properly on your heels, this can lead to ankle pain, back pain and other problems associated with bad posture.


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Practice & Care

Do not only wear heels when other people are looking. Practice wearing them at home to help you get used to them. Take your shoes off during the day when you can to air and rest your feet. Stretch and massage your feet at the end of the day. If your man doesn’t want to help you in that area, get rid of him and keep your relationship with your shoes healthy


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Choose the correct heel height

Women wearing super high heels look amazing. Before buying a shoe, make sure to consider the heel height that would look and feel comfortable for you. Remember, looking elegant in heels is not always measured by the height of the heels but how you carry them with your outfit.

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Why are high heels so good?

They look absolutely great; nothing compares to a great pair of heels. High heels are and will always be the most fashionable item you can wear. They are a must in all women’s wardrobes

Don’t believe the old wives tails. They will never stunt your growth, wont effect your body unless you run a marathon in those heels, wont effect your pregnancy nor will they damage hard wood floors.

We know these simple tips should help you feel more comfortable, fashionable and confident wearing those amazing high heels 

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