6 Super Smart Ways to Save Money on Women's Boots

6 Super Smart Ways to Save Money on Women's Boots

A good pair of boots are great additions to your wardrobe. They have this sleek and iconic look that adds pizzazz to any outfit. But sometimes, it can be a daunting experience when choosing the right pair. Some cost a significant amount of money and are taxing on your budget. In this article, we list down six smart ways to save money on that new pair you’ve been dying to get your hands on.

Buy with a purpose in mind

One of the quickest ways to spend money on purchases is when you buy on a whim. Something catches your eye, you fall in love, a few clicks of the mouse, and boom. A few hundred dollars gone. In contrast, being purposeful is a conscious choice when and how to buy an item.

Boots are utilitarian shoes after all so have a purpose when you’re buying a pair.It can be a reliable pair of winter women's boots, like the Madonna from Lyon Cherie, or a good pair of work boots. Buying boots for aesthetics is okay but try and keep it to the minimum.

Having a purpose for the boots has two benefits. First, you know exactly which pair to use for whatever it is you need. It’s cold outside? Grab that trusty winter boots you bought for the job. Second, you figure out which pairs to keep and which ones to let go of.

Go for versatile pieces

A boots’ purpose doesn’t have to be just one thing. It can be multiple things at once. Versatile pieces are great things to have because you have more opportunities to wear them. And, by extension, you get more value out of your pieces every time you wear them.

Start by picking pieces in darker shades especially black. They work with everything and can fit most occasions. Browns and other earth tones are a great second as they give good solid foundations to most wardrobes.

Designs, like the Avery from Lyon Cherie, have been a top seller, also make cloth pairing easy. They don’t stand out too much and they tie whole outfits together. If a design is too unique and eye-catching, it can be difficult to match it with your outfits especially if you want them to stand out. Choose classic silhouettes with minimal embellishments as much as possible. Less is definitely more when it comes to versatility.

Think of your overall wardrobe

Speaking of tying whole outfits together, a good bang for buck pair must fit your style. Before buying, think of your overall aesthetic and base your purchase there. If a pair looks cute but does not fit well, do not buy. You will have a hard time wearing it as it would clash with your other pieces. Consider things such as colors and designs when shopping.

This is not to say you can’t have eye-catching high heeled boots in your closet. You can! It just needs a bit more work and careful planning on your end. If you want your boots to be as eye-catching as can be, try pieces that you can work with a majority of your existing clothes. If the pair is a must, you can alternatively, build your whole aesthetic around it. A good rule of thumb is to think of at least 7 outfits you can do with all your existing clothes plus the pair you want to buy.

Buy high-quality pairs

Another way you get your money’s worth is when the things you buy last a long while. This is especially true with footwear. Good quality shoes are because of two things: materials and workmanship.

Quality materials, though pricey, determine durability. Something that functional pieces like footwear needs. Things like leather and rubber are tough materials but their quality will still affect how long they last. Shoes made with excellent material, will last you years.

Workmanship is another factor that determines how long your pairs last. Shoddy work will of course not last long unlike shoes expertly made. However, this too can bump up the prices significantly.

You have to understand that boots are investments. Good ones, like the Amour from Lyon Cherie, more so. Think about how long they last, the cost become extremely reasonable. It’s better to have something that lasts long rather than something you’d have to replace almost every year.

Affordable vs Cheap

Affordable and Cheap are two different things. Knowing which is which will help you get the most out of all your purchases. Cheap goods may cost less but they are also of poor quality. Affordable goods, on the other hand, are reasonably priced items of good quality. While cheap items aim to get the lowest cost possible, affordable goods aim to reduce costs without compromising quality.

As stated above, poor-quality boots don’t last long. This means you have to replace your pair of ankle strap boots often with good-quality ones. Over time, these small costs can compound making them more expensive in the long run. Affordable items may not directly compete with cheaper ones in price, they more than make up for it in quality and durability.

Luxury brands are good if you have the budget, but there are plenty of affordable brands that are of comparable quality. They are easier to get your hands on and are arguably as stylish.

Deals and Sales are your friends

Scouting for deals and promos is, by far, one of the oldest tricks in the book. And with good reason! Deals and coupons are great ways to save a few bucks on good-quality shoes that might normally be out of budget.

Many brands and stores frequently give out sales and deals throughout the year. These are great ways for them, to attract shoppers and create buzz. This is also a good opportunity for you to get your hands on that cute pair you’ve been eyeing. Pro tip: deals and discounts are not reason enough to splurge. These are more like extras but otherwise should not be your main reason to go and buy a pair.

The best way to get your hands on amazing deals is to subscribe to your favorite brand’s website and social media. Most of them frequently post discounts and coupons. You can also subscribe to other fashion blogs as they too periodically post discount codes and sale announcements.

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