3 Shoe Types Every Woman Needs To Have

3 Shoe Types Every Woman Needs To Have

Shoes are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. Apart from their utilitarian purpose of protecting our feet, they also serve as a medium of self-expression. They have become an integral part of our lives that many designs have come and gone throughout the years.

With the number of shoe types to choose from, it can be hard to pick which ones to get for yourself. Choices vary from person to person but we believe that there are universally accepted essentials that everyone should have. In this article, we list down the top 3 essential footwear categories and why you should have them.


First on the list are flats. These footwears are comfortable and lightweight ideal for days on the go. With flats there are a lot to choose from so for the purposes of this list, here are 3 must-have flat shoes:


This shoe type is the oldest in this entire list. The design has been around since Ancient Greece and Rome. Their longevity is thanks to their simple construction and comfort. Sandals are great all-around shoes from running errands or to casually meet with friends. They come in all shapes and sizes to choose from. For great go-to footwear, ankle strap sandals can never go wrong. They’re stylish, comfortable, and pairs with almost anything. You can even kick this up a notch and go classic with a women’s gladiator sandal. These bad boys can make any outfit fiercer and give off a strong vibe.

Loafers Next up is another must-have in anyone’s closet: the Penny Loafers. These European classic shoes were once only found in Norway back in the 1930s. They then began exporting these shoes to the rest of Europe. Visiting Americans brought these back to the US where it became quite popular. These shoes are one of the few pieces that both men and women wore.

Penny loafers, like the Penelope by Lyon Cherie are versatile pieces. They can be paired with shorts, pants, and even skirts and dresses. They exude a classic and timeless look without compromising comfort and durability. They come traditionally in black and brown but can also be found in other colors as well.

Pointed Ballet Flats

Ballet flats have been around since the 16th century. As their names suggest, these women’s shoes were inspired by the ballet shoes worn by ballerinas. They are typically small with a thin flat heel that is almost invisible. They are also sometimes decorated with ribbon bindings much like ballet shoes. The modern incarnation of this timeless classic can be traced all the way to the iconic Audrey Hepburn herself. The fashion icon wore one in her movie Funny Face and has since then inspired millions to follow suit. These shoes are perfect for occasions when you want to wear something comfortable yet elegant and classy.


High heeled shoes are another must-have for every woman of today. They are classy, elegant, and stylish. Here are our top pick for high heeled shoes:


Pumps⁠—also known by its other name Court Shoes⁠—are shoes that have 2 inch heels or higher. They trace their roots to 18th century Europe. They were a fashion piece of the high-class elite both for men and women. They are made in a variety of materials with leather as the most prevalent. These shoes are great ways to spice up any outfit. They work amazingly with dresses and skirts making them more elegant and sophisticated. Pumps also look great with jeans and trousers. They come in many color variations but our recommendations are black and nude like Lyon Cherie’s Glendalynne

Ankle-strap Heels

Another amazingly stylish shoe any women should have in their arsenal is the elegant ankle strap heels. They look amazing on almost anyone and they shine best in formal settings but are still very versatile. It is no wonder why the shoe style has been predominant for women.

Though they get a bad rap for being uncomfortable to wear⁠—and in some cases even painful⁠—it usually boils down to the wrong fit. The key to rock these shoes is to find the right heel height and shoe size. With proper sizing, your foot won’t slip which is the main reason why the straps dig into your skin.

High-heeled Boots

Another perfect piece to add to your collection is a good pair of high-heeled boots. Although they are traditionally associated with the fall and winter months, more and more women have dared to strut these shoes all year round. They are stylish and sleek making any outfit a whole lot sexier.

Ankle boots, like Amour looks amazing paired with jeans. They are perfect for meeting friends, going on a date, or just a night out in the city. If you are looking for something even spicier, look no further than a pair of knee-high boots like the Cornelia also from Lyon Cherie. They accentuate your legs making them seem like they go on for days!


Finally, we have the workhorses of the bunch. Sneakers are a must in today’s fast-paced world. They are great for running errands, to being active and fit.

Running shoes

Staying fit and active is increasingly becoming a major part of everyone’s life. What started just a fad in the early ’60s has become ubiquitous throughout the years. Running shoes are perfect companions whether for exercising or running errands. They come in a myriad of designs and materials but one thing is a constant comfort.

There are sporty running shoes geared towards more performance than style. They are known for loud colors and designs. Then there are the sleek and classy tennis shoes. They are simpler in design perfect for minimalists.

Trainers Just like running shoes, these are designed with performance in mind. They are specifically made for high impact activities like working out and sports. But they also work amazing outside of the gym. Most trainers nowadays are stylish and good looking enough for your daily OOTD.

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